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Kindergarten Boys Uniform

We recommend purchasing the following items to allow for 3 days of clothes when your child starts school.

  • 2 x Polo Shirts

  • 2 x Shorts

  • 1 x Sports Shirt (colour according to surname as per below)

  • 1 x Sports Shorts

  • 1 x Baseball cap (one size) or Wide Brim Hat (S, M or L)

  • 1 x Jacket

Sports shirts

Colour is based on your surname as follows

  • A-C surname = Bradman (green)

  • D-K surname = Freeman (red)

  • L-R surname = Maroney (yellow)

  • S-Z surname = Perkins (blue) is powered by the Web Store Pty Ltd system. © 2017 Web Store Pty Ltd. All Rights Reserved.