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Hambledon Public School P&C would like to welcome you to our great school community! Supporting the school credo, we believe in being safe, respectful and responsible community members at all P&C meetings and events throughout the year.

Our Active P&C Community

The P&C is the 3rd point in the triangle between the school and home life providing the school community with services and events for students such as:

  • Uniform shop run by parent volunteers
  • Mother’s and Father’s Day Stalls
  • Disco’s (2 per year)
  • Fundraising events such as ‘Movie under the stars’, Loose Change Tuesday’s, bingo night, entertainment books, family portrait opportunities, hot cross bun drives and many more.

All funds raised through the P&C help to bridge the gap in Government funding to ensure our school provides all the elements required to produce happy, healthy and successful children in our modern society.

What to expect at a P&C Meeting

P&C meetings are a place where all families are welcome. If you are unable to find a babysitter for the children, please don’t let that stop you from joining us, bring them along and we will find a suitable area for them to do some quiet activities.

Our P&C meetings are a forum for any and all school related questions to be raised and a great platform for all parents and citizens to be involved in the school community. We also receive interesting and informative updates from the Principal, Deputy Principal and other Senior Staff members on various initiatives within the school.

We receive updates and have an opportunity to have a say in our school uniform and canteen menu, whenever any changes are required.

Fundraising is one of the major activities we do to support the school each year. Many hands make light work and we would love you to come along and share your ideas on how to build on the events we run during the year.

P&C Communication

We understand not all families will be able to make it to our monthly meetings, however, we do not want that to stop you being involved. To receive P&C related updates and other opportunities to get involved you can follow us on Facebook, login to the school app, and subscribe to the fortnightly newsletter.

Private Facebook Group –

Public Facebook Event Page –

P&C Events Website -

Newsletter - We also have a dedicated P&C section of the school newsletter which is produced on a fortnightly basis. To subscribe to the newsletter visit

Requirements of Hambledon Public School P&C

Important dates

  • P&C meetings are held on the 3rd Monday of every month during school terms at 7pm in the staff room.
  • AGM is held on the 3rd Monday each November
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